1. string

  2. cybele’s reverie

  3. countryside

  4. calvinandhobbes-daily:

    December 20, 1985


  5. bobbyjamez:


    R. Kelly joined Phoenix at Coachella to play Ignition (Remix) mashed up with a bit of 1901

  6. patagonia:

    Perfect snow in the Northern Selkirks, British Columbia. Photo by @garrettgrove


    (Source: latadelixo)


  9. rappcats:

    J Dilla “Anthem” feat Frank N Dank. Recorded early 2002, mixed and mastered from the original 2-inch master tapes.  

    Link: J Dilla vocal album THE DIARY planned for release

  10. nickelsack:

    A street dedicated to the late, great James Dewitt Dilla Dee Yancey in France.

    America is so not that kewl.

  11. bigboi:

    Dropping a verse on this Frank Ocean ” Pink Matter ” #vladr


  12. pwelverumandsun:

    from the archives: Found the original painting that Khaela Maricich made for the Microphones “Moon” single released back in 2001.  (The painting is a copy of “the Moon of Doom” by Frank R. Paul from Amazing Stories Quarterly, winter 1928, visible here.)

  13. newyorker:

    Cartoon by Barbara Smaller.

  14. calvinandhobbes-daily:

    December 15, 1995